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Video Production Tips On Steroids

The Video Production Tips blog has been around for 9 years now.  People all over the world have mastered the skills they needed to begin making their own original, unique videos by reading my VPT blog.  I am extremely proud of that fact.  

Now, by creating The Academy @ Video Production Tips, I'm offering an even easier and more direct way for folks to discover the joys and benefits of video creation.  

Inside the Academy you will find a clear path to the information you seek.  But even better, I am here for you!  Members get my full attention and have easy access to email and phone support.  

I'm celebrating the opening of The Academy @ Video Production Tips by offering the first 20 enrollees a LIFETIME membership for the low, one-time fee of $129.  Compare that to the $2,000 price tag you find attached to most online video courses!  Lifetime members will never be charged again!  

In addition to the lifetime memership, the first 20 enrollees will receive an unprecidented FIVE FREE HOURS OF ONE-ON-ONE CONSULTATION!  That is a $500 value.  As good as my tutorials are, there is absolutely NO SUBSTITUTE for one-on-one help.  I know I aways need it when I am learning something new, so I bet you do too.  And I want to provide it!  

In your free consultation, you'll get all your personal questions answered and I will help you overcome whatever production obsticals you face.  Not sure how to write a script?  Need advice before you go camera shopping?   Not sure how to upload or host your videos online?  Feel sick to your stomach at the idea of appearig on camera?

NO PROBLEM MY FRIEND!  I will walk you through it so your success is guaranteed.      

Creating an orginal and unique high-impact video is probably easier than you think, but it does require some planning, skills and knowledge. As a member of The Academy @ Video Production Tips, you'll get access to plenty of easy to understand information and specific examples of the many different types of ways you can create a video.  This isn't a bunch of techno mumboo jumbo  that will leave you confused. . . The Academy features user-friendly, practical information that's all about creating awesome videos that work for you.

Crafting Your Own Unique, High-Quality, Professional-Looking Videos is more doable than ever once you are a member of The Academy @ Video Production Tips! 

Join today and get all the benefits that come from being one of the founding members!    

Don’t Take My Word For It:  These are Unsolicited Testimonials For VPT

Oh my goodness! I feel like I just hit the jackpot coming across your website! Thank you so much for the information you've provided. It's amazing and obviously you are quite the video expert. Thank you so much!

Bernell Grizzard

I LOVE YOU!!!!!! For this great site and the love and compassion you have it's great!!! PLEASE PLEASE!!! contact me with what you are offering. Thank you Jesus for blessing the path of Lorraine Grula

Nigel Taylor

Hello Lorraine Grula,
It has been a wonderful ride with you. I have learned a lot these past few days, more than I did in college. I thank you for providing me with this free tutorial. It was amazing! I will continue learning more tactics and magic to get around production of professional video. Please keep in touch. Thank you so much!

Dennis Lupenga, 

CEO of dePicture Animation Studios

Here's Exactly What You'll Get Inside
The Academy @ Video Production Tips

  • Eye-opening advice on all aspects of video making: the equipment needed, the technques used, the styles that work best, the best ways to engage and influence an audience!  
  • Easy Lighting Tricks that will vastly improve the quality of your video image, without spending a fortune on fancy professional lighting fixtures (unless you really want to!)
  • Simple Audio Recording Techniques that will produce crystal-clear sound and have viewers eager to listen to intently to the very end of your message!
  • Visual storytelling techniques that will turn your videos into highly watchable works of art that captivate people and keep them glued to your message!
  • Practical advice on what types and styles of video are not only easy to make, but highly effective in spreading your message!
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to GET R DONE!  
  • Tried and true methods to FINALLY overcome your camera shyness and become a true Jedi Master of starring in your own videos!
  • Tips, tricks and tools professionals use to keep production easy and fast!
  • Foolproof ways to get your creative juices flowing and develop a blueprint for an awesome visual masterpiece!
  • Simple, yet incredibly effective work flow systems and methods that can take years to figure out on your own!
  • Easy to Understand Tutorials That Decipher all the Technical Stuff So You Won't Be Held Back and Frustrated!

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No Worries. Our Product Comes With A

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

We're ready to prove everything we claim. Join now, and see for yourself!  Within the next 30 DAYS, if you feel like The Academy @ Video Prodution Tips does not live up to any the claims stated here, I'll gladly give you back every penny. No hassles and we'll part as friends.

100% Money-Back Guaranteed!

I look forward to personally guiding you to creating awesome, original videos that you can use to conquer the world!  

Thanks and here's to your success!

Lorraine Grula