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How to Compress Video Files Without Losing Quality

All of us prefer to watch High Definition (HD), Ultra high definition videos due to the clarity and quality the video. Nevertheless, these videos would require a very high bandwidth to stream the video output, they also consume a lot of space on your storage drive. Due to the huge video file … Continue Reading »

HELP! My Video File is Broken!

It can be every videomaker's nightmare.   You click play on your masterpiece-- you know, the one that took months and three tons of sweat to finish?  But instead of displaying your filmmaking genius, the video file sputters and dies. OMG, it won't even play! Yes, digital video files can … Continue Reading »

Ten Pro Tips for Spectacular Wildlife Photography

Nature is full of gorgeous, colorful animals that can make you gasp in wonder. Capturing the majesty on film is not always an easy task but it is vastly rewarding. The first challenge a wildlife photographer faces is location. A wildlife photographer has to go into the habitat of the animals in … Continue Reading »

Visual Communication: Advancing a Story Using Pictures.

Projects For The Beginning Film Maker. One of the skills you need to develop to create professional-quality videos is the ability to think visually. Instead of words, you communicate using pictures.  What visual cues can you as the film director give the viewer so he or she "gets" it? You have … Continue Reading »

An Introduction to Documentary Filmmaking

Documentary filmmaking is a subcategory of film and video production where the production crew creates a work of journalism rather than a fictional movie. Instead of making up fictional characters and creating a world of make-believe, the documentary filmmaker's job is to document real life and … Continue Reading »

Let’s Make a TV Commercial!

Now that you have studied character marketing, it is time to come up with a product, a character and a commercial! Guidelines for your TV Commercial Project Your assignment is to create and produce a TV commercial using at least one character. Your commercial will promote a product using your … Continue Reading »

How to Create Original Characters for Your Movie

BUILDING CHARACTERS FOR A MOVIE When creating characters for a movie, consider the many different ways people behave, look and speak. Do you know anyone like this in real life? It always helps to follow the writer’s adage: “write what you know.” You can learn by imitating what has been done to … Continue Reading »

Thoughts on Fixing the News Media

WHY IS THE NEWS MEDIA SO DESTRUCTIVE AND HOW CAN WE FIX IT? When I contemplate the full repercussions of the 24-hour, anything-in-the-world-goes information cycle, it scares me a bit.  In my observation, as well as shown scientifically, humans are alarmingly susceptible to succumbing their will to … Continue Reading »

Hi, I’m Lorraine Grula, News Nerd

I'm a proud, middle-aged Okie who grew up with a solid foundation of science and politics.  Recombinant DNA was dinnertime conversation at our house.  When I was in junior high school, my mom ran for Congress. I grew up to enjoy a lengthy career as a journalist and video maker. I was lucky enough … Continue Reading »

Why I Love Making Candles in My Kitchen as a Hobby

Nothing creates a mood quite like burning candles. Candles are colorful room decorations that smell heavenly even when not burning. I love them so much I surround myself with decorative candles. One reason I have so many is that making candles in my kitchen is one of my favorite … Continue Reading »

5 Reasons You Need to Invest in Video Marketing

For a while now the future of marketing has been steering towards the potential hidden in video, and it seems like that day for it to be revealed has arrived. Businesses all over the globe are adopting video as part of their overall marketing strategy, a trend that is still progressing rapidly. … Continue Reading »

6 Vlogging Tips to Help You Succeed on YouTube

Vlogging, which is blogging using videos as your content, first became popular around 2005. Thirteen years later, its popularity is still skyrocketing which really isn't surprising since Vlogging is effective in reaching the target audience, much simpler to understand, and more entertaining than … Continue Reading »

Learn to Create 360-Degree Panoramas Like a Pro

360-degree panoramic style photography is quite popular. It's obviously incredible for gorgeous landscapes like this sunset but there are many practical uses too, such as virtual tours in real estate. Panoramas contain so many details they can really make you feel like you are in another world. … Continue Reading »

Are You Interested in Using Video Taken by a Drone?

This video is simply breathtaking. Gorgeous scenery combined with soaring, silky-smooth video shots give viewers an exhilarating experience usually reserved for eagles. The secret is using a drone like the Mavic Mini to carry the camera to places a person with a tripod could never reach in a … Continue Reading »

How To Select and Enter Film Festivals

Okay, so you have a short film that you have made. Congratulations!!! This is a huge step that you have taken. You are either incredibly excited or completely exhausted. Probably a little of both! So what do you do now? You have a film that you are incredibly proud of and you want to get it … Continue Reading »

Why Video Marketers Should Become Storytellers

Have you ever told a friend a funny story, only to have them parrot it back to you a few days later? Even when we forget the precise details and where we heard it, a good story stays with us. Most marketers have begun shifting away from data heavy advertising messages to focus instead on … Continue Reading »

Online Video Hosting and How It Affects Your Video

When it comes to building your online presence, there are lots of things you need to consider. From your web design Leicester to SEO efforts to the blogs you post - so it's important to take everything step by step. Once you've got a functional website, it's time to look at the best ways to market … Continue Reading »

Finding Film Festivals to Enter

One of the best ways for a filmmaker to get their work seen is to enter film festivals. No doubt you've heard of the big film festivals like the Sundance or Cannes, but what if you're just starting out and want something smaller, less competitive or more local? Never fear, there are well over a … Continue Reading »

Split Screen: How to Shoot and Edit Split Screen Video

Split screen is a technique that essentially adds two shots together to make one.  This special effect is often used in order to have one actor play two parts. As you can see in the adjacent picture, the same actor is playing two characters, one is supposed to be him from a future time.  He is … Continue Reading »

Winning the 48 Hour Film Project

What does it take to win the 48 Hour Film Project? Take a look at the video on this page to find out.  It won: BEST DRAMA, BEST EDITING, BEST OPENING SEQUENCE, 1st runner up SOUND EDITING, & 1st runner up ART DIRECTION This video was one of 41 entries in the 48 Hour Film … Continue Reading »

Beginner Screenplay Competition

Do you have the Great American Screenplay inside you, itching to come out? Maybe the next big film sensation is currently an idea floating around in your head. Do you want to share your screenplay with the world, and maybe win a cash prize by doing so? If so, then here is a competition … Continue Reading »

Passion for Film Making Creates Fun-to-Watch Shows

All of us who love making videos can celebrate the dedication and success of the De Rousseau brothers who have produced three full length, independent action films with little to no budget.  A while back, we published a post about their movie making experiences. Now they have added a documentary … Continue Reading »

Good Example of a Poorly Produced Video Story

When you're trying to learn how to make your own videos, it's an excellent idea to study both well-done and poorly-done videos. This post covers what I consider to be a poorly done video made by a newspaper. Click on the image below to open up the video on the newspaper's site. A … Continue Reading »

Funny Animal Videos Rule the Day on YouTube

Funny animal videos are one of the mainstays of YouTube. Enduringly popular, cute critters acting silly on video will never cease to amaze people and attract positive attention. Animals create such popular videos that it became a cliche in the entertainment business that you never wanted to … Continue Reading »

Short Marketing Videos – It’s all about the Story

Everybody loves a good story.  Research has shown that memorable storytelling is one of the key factors with a video's likability.  Face it, with so many choices online, your video will probably only be watched if people really want to watch it. When people first begin learning how to make video, … Continue Reading »

How to Shoot an Awesome Video Interview

 Interviews with people are probably the single most common element in video storytelling. Learning to create awesome talking head shots is a critical skill for videographers to develop. The best video interviews should actually be called video portraits if you ask me. A well done talking … Continue Reading »

Mounting a Video Camera to Your Car

Mounting a video camera to the front of a car  produces an awesome traveling shot that helps raise the quality of your video production. Viewers are always impressed with shots that give them an unusual perspective or angle. Since most of use don't watch Jackass and follow suit, life as viewed from … Continue Reading »

A Guide for Choosing and Using Microphones

A Microphone Guide:  How To Select The Best Video Microphones For anyone who is considering making a film or video, it's important to consider how you're going to capture the audio if you want your work to come across as anything other than amateur. Whether you want to make the next Blair … Continue Reading »

A Video Editor’s Dilemma: To Delete or Not to Delete?

Video editing is probably the single most powerful skill to perfect if you want to tell a good story with video. Compared to all the other tasks needed to make a professional-quality video and using all the techniques available to the filmmaker, editing is where much of the magic happens.  It's … Continue Reading »

Free Online Teleprompter for Video Making

This one goes into the "too cool for words" category.  Nonetheless, I shall try to come up with some words to tell you about the incredible free online teleprompter I just discovered. It's called Cue Prompter and it is not only free, it's extremely easy to use and has all the basic features you'll … Continue Reading »

Tips For Creating & Producing a Quality Film

I am pleased to present this guest post from Paul Banks, Creative Director at Digifish, a video production company based in York, England. Paul put this post together with his best tips for ensuring that you produce quality videos for clients. (Or yourself).  Paul has over ten years of experience … Continue Reading »

Is Video Marketing All Hype and Failed Promises?

Online Business Video Marketing Have you ever read a sales letter for a video marketing product that makes video marketing sound like a foolproof magic bullet destined to bring you untold riches? I sure have. Even if I count all the less astronomical claims, video marketing is indeed … Continue Reading »

The DIY HDSLR Accessory Frame and Stabilizer Rig

If you're using an HDSLR camera to shoot video, this post will provide you with step-by-step instructions for building a stabilization frame to hold accessories. Probably any small camera could be outfitted with a similar rig, really but this particular DIY accessory frame was built by a reader … Continue Reading »

Canon Vixia HV40 Video Camcorder Review

The Canon Vixia HV40. Different strokes for different folks. :) The Canon line of Vixia camcorders features a lot of variety and innovation.  As a longtime lover of video cameras, I've always respected Canon products and the Vixia HV40 has a lot to offer for the right person.  Canon promotes … Continue Reading »