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Testimonials From Happy VPT Readers:

Lorraine’s videos are the best and her expertise and genuine concern for her client’s success shows in the videos she creates. She’s great to work with and always has ideas on how to position your offering the right way. Her promotional video for my new website led to a spike in the orders and they haven’t stopped. What I love about her videos is that they are to-the-point and get the job done exactly as I want it – mainly because she takes the pain to get to know me and my customers really well before she creates the videos. Once that’s done, she sends the video script for approval, delivers the absolutely professional video in record time and takes care of the…
Rangoo Srinivas, Web Space Buddy

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Why Video Marketers Should Become Storytellers

Have you ever told a friend a funny story, only to have them parrot it back to you a few days later? Even when we forget the precise details and where we heard it, a good story stays with us. Most marketers have begun shifting away from data heavy advertising messages to focus instead on … Continue Reading »

Documentary Film about Google’s Business Practices

Trailer for documentary film about Google, "Don't Be Evil, The Documentary." Production is underway for a documentary film about the business practices of Google.   As you can tell from the title alone, and certainly from the teaser, this documentary is not going to be friendly toward Google.  The … Continue Reading »