The Evolution of Dance, Staring YOU!

The single most popular online video of all time is one called “The Evolution of Dance.”

It got over 100 million views on You Tube.

DANG!  Now that’s quite a party!

Now, for free, you can make a version of The Evolution of Dance starring YOU.

I did and it was the most fun 5 minutes I ever wasted!

Go to the Evolutions of Dance 2 website and upload some still still pictures.  Use close-up face shots.  The stills you select will be put on the bodies of the original dancing characters and you can all bogey until the cows come home!

They’re calling this little trick the Evolution of You! and you will see yourself dancing through the decades of life to popular music such as  James Brown’s 1965 hit “I Got You (I Feel Good)” and 2007’s “Crank That” a Grammy-nominated song from internationally renowned-rapper Soulja Boy.

Here’s mine. Let’s rock!

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Lorraine Grula
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  1. Hey – nice blog, simply trying around some blogs, seems a pretty good platform You Are using. I’m presently using Drupal for a few of my sites however seeking to change one among them over to a platform very a lot the same to yours as a trial run. Anything in particular you’ll advocate about it?

  2. Hi Chung.
    I appreciate your compliments. Video Production Tips is a standard wordpress blog with a video-centric theme called The Video Dream Theme. It’s greatest attribute is that is is very easy to use and I can largely maintain it myself without a webmaster. I get a little help now and then from a webmaster but for the most part I am able to maintain the site myself.



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  2. […] automatically gets inserted into a video.  They even added interactivity to the extremely popular Evolution of Dance, which yours truly had some fun […]

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