Online Video Interactivity: In-depth Interview with Veeple CEO & Free PDF Report

As a longtime video producer, I think online video interactivity is the most exciting advancement in the Video Production world in quite a while.  Interactivity gives you the ability to add clickable links and other interactive hot zones right inside your video.  In short, it turns your videos into a mini website that can travel!  In the screen shot below, all the graphics and icons represent a clickable hot zone.

Online video interactivity turns your simple video into a multi-dimensional communication tool with amazing power we are just beginning to explore and understand.

Standard video is powerful enough; it’s the undisputed leader in communication effectiveness since the dawn of time.   Compared to cave paintings, then verbal storytelling, then written storytelling, then printing presses, then radio then TV, TV wins.  Hands down.

Adding interactivity on top of TV and video creates something new entirely.  Something with greater reach, greater versatility and greater power.  Anything with more power than TV is something worth knowing about, don’t cha think?

To use video interactivity effectively, you must first know what it is.  Once you begin to grasp the depth of the WHAT, you can begin to experiment with the HOW.  How best to use video interactivity to communicate your particular message?

The possibilities are endless, which translates into the opportunities are endless.


In order to stay in front of this evolving technology, Video Production Tips provides you with not only the free report inside the video up at the top of this post, but also an in-depth interview with Scott Broomfield, CEO and co-founder of Veeple dot com.  Veeple is one of the leading providers of online video interactivity.  I subscribe to their service and have now for several years.
The 30-minute video interview explores the question of what video interactivity is and how it is currently being used by the savviest online marketers.


The interview demonstrates a variety of specific interactivity examples that are easy to implement, yet add exponentially to the effectiveness of your video.

Do yourself a favor and get a quick yet thorough education in online video interactive technology by watching this video  interview I did with Scott Broomfield.  The graph below details one of the things we spoke about:  How INCREDIBLE viewer response rates are to videos with interactive links ( called rich media in the graphic) compared to standard video.  Just look at the green bars compared to the orange bars.  WOW!!

As this graph shows, adding interactivity takes the best communication tool ever, video, and astronomically increases its effectiveness.

One tiny word of caution, the audio is a bit raspy in places, but overall you can hear just fine.

In the days to come, I will post more on this interview and highlight some of the most important points.

Thanks for reading Video Production Tips.

Keep making video!

Lorraine Grula


  1. Brian says:

    Am I missing something? BubblePly has been doing this. Dave Kaminski did a YouTube video about this a year ago.

  2. Hi Brian.
    You are missing the fact that this post is over two years old, so I guess I had Mr. Kaminski beat by about a year. Interactivity is such an incredible tool, that it is indeed available at places other than Veeple. You tube annotations are an example of interactivity and other websites have embraced the technology as well. Veeple is one of the leaders with this technology but they are not the only one using it. If you fully examine this blog, you can find posts on those subjects as well. So yes, you are missing something by jumping to conclusions that are inaccurate. Thanks for your comment.


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