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This 3:46 video shows you where to get FREE Royalty Free Video Clips.

In order to edit together a compelling video, you need to have quality video clips to use.  Shooting them yourself is not always an option due to budget, time and travel constraints.  In those cases, Royalty Free video clips are the answer.


Royalty Free video clips are shots that you pay a one-time fee for in exchange for the right to use them in your projects.  Most royalty free video clips come with a limited license, you do not OWN the clips but you can use them in certain ways.  Contracts differ (so ALWAYS read them) but generally speaking, Royalty Free licensing lets you use the clips in any project that you do not then turn around and sell as a royalty free video for others to download and use.  In other words, I can not take royalty free shots, repackage them superficially, then sell it as my own product.  What the R.F. video companies are trying to avoid is someone using their own clips in a competitive way against them. Other than that, you can use the clips in any type of project.  Videos  you give away, and videos you sell.

Using Royalty Free video clips is usually much less expensive than shooting them yourself and it is certainly faster.  If I need a shot of an Egyptian pyramid, you can rest assured that paying $75 or $100 for a royalty free shot is faster and cheaper than me humping it over to Egypt with a video camera!  (Although no doubt the trip would be fun and I am sort of bummed that I can not go!)

Having said that, paying $75 or $100 bucks for every single shot of a 5 minute video is going to get expensive.  (If a shot lasts 10 seconds, you’d need thirty shots to fill five minutes.  30 x 75 = $2,250.)

Since I edit a lot, I am constantly on the look-out for quality royalty free video clips.  I have amassed a huge library of R.F. clips because I simply never know when I am going to need that pyramid shot.

I discovered an awesome resource the other day for FREE Royalty Free video clips that I wanted to pass on.   What is better than free? Free AND high quality with lots to choose from.

The clips at Bottled are professionally shot AND completely free.  As of this writing, they have a total of 10,604 clips to choose  from.  Not only are all the clips free, but you do not even have to sign up for an account.  There are no upsells and no obligations.  They do not even have your name and email address so they could not upsell you even if they wanted! 


My first question was: “How can they do this?”  Being the cynical sort, I figured there had to be a catch somewhere.  So I asked David Schmerin, the owner to explain.  Turns out, he has been in the video business selling Royalty Free clips for a very long time.  He has been so successful at it that he now is in the enviable position of being able to turn his business into philanthropy.  Below, I have pasted his exact response to my email inquiry.


Just about 20 years ago I started a web site called which is the oldest royalty free stock footage site on the internet. While is still up and running, over the years we expanded into a site called where instead of licensing royalty free stock footage collections we created the first site to allow individuals to license and download individual clips. From there we expanded to which is the same as but licenses only HD materials.

Here I am now some twenty years later… One day something happened to me. I received a call from a student looking for a deal on one clip because they just didn’t have any money and I sort of just snapped. Suddenly it seemed like every person over 20 years I had to say I could not help if they didn’t have any money was weighing in on my shoulders. I turned to my wife and partner and said that I have a lot of Karma to make up for. Since money was no longer an issue in my life, was born.

Right now we currently have just over 10,500 clips on BottledVideo.

Every clip on BottledVideo is from our private library and more clips will be added from our pay sites to the free site every week until all 100k clips in my library are available for free.

So the short answer is no I do not make any money from nor is making money the goal of the site. The goal of the site is to give back to the next generation for everything those who came before have done for me, my family, and my life.


I personally applaud David and his team for being so generous.  They do not have to do this but I am glad they did.  I spent all afternoon yesterday downloading clips.  I like the fact that these clips are REAL, not staged.  Staged shots look staged and sometimes that is perfectly OK, but I am a reality lover so I prefer unstaged.   They have real doctors performing real surgeries.  Real soldiers.  Real cops.  Real chefs.  The list is very long and David promises it is destined to get even longer.

So head on over to Bottled and start downloading!

Thanks for reading Video Production Tips.

Lorraine Grula

Internet Video Gal


  1. Excellent. thanks for the tip. Just took a look at bottled video, looks like they have quite a library there.

  2. Hi Rob,
    So glad to hear this post will help you out! Bottled Video indeed has a huge library already up online but they promise to make it even bigger! Bottled video is an incredible resource for anyone needing royalty free video clips. You can’t beat free!
    Thanks for reading VPT!


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    […]The information mentioned in the article are some of the greatest available […]……

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