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Making a video is the BEST way to promote your message and express yourself, no doubt about that. Problem is, video production can seem so dreadfully complicated. Where to start?

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The VPT FREE Home Study course will get you off and running.  FAST!

Designed to cut to through the clutter by giving you what you truly need to know, the VPT Home Study Course is the best value you’ll ever find for video making online.

In your free course, you’ll discover the FASTEST and SIMPLEST ways to take make videos yourself and take advantage of online video. Video Making Essentials covers:

  • Video Production Styles that are guaranteed winners for newbies!
  • Video Making Techniques that are effective yet easy and cheap!
  • Simple, Effective ways to get your video online, for FREE!
  • Fool-proof ways to get awesome video and sound quality!
  • Practical, easy-to-implement techniques to enhance your video quality!
  • Sample Sales Video Scripts you can copy and adapt for your own use!
  • Viewer-grabbing Storytelling Techniques to begin your journey to becoming a master visual storyteller!

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Here at Video Production Tips, we specialize in user-friendly information for the newbie to intermediate video maker.

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Video Making Essentials is a training course that is comprehensive, yet concise. It’s designed to give you the most important, practical information you need, to propel you toward your goals ASAP.

Once you sign up, you’ll receive access to the course video, a 45 minute video demo tutorial showing you the best, most effective video production techniques for a newbie to easily master. Additionally, you’ll also receive the fact-filled, tip-loaded companion Quick Start Guide for an easy-to-understand visual reference guide.


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We’re quite proud of these unsolicited testimonials from some of our satisfied readers and clients.


Ray Zielinski says: I wish to thank you for the time you took to put these videos together to help us wannabes. The videos are very informative which helps to familiarize ourselves with the different aspects of movie making that would otherwise take us a long time to learn. “Time is of the essence.” so it says and you help to make it quicker to learn these different functions at a much quicker rate of time. Thank you.


Ron Gordon says: Excellent tutorials! I have worked in video for over thirty years and this is quite literally some of the best and easily understood techniques I have seen.


Samuel Tunde says: You have been an encouragement to me since the day you wrote your first mail to me. The videos you sent were an eye opener to things I have want to really get to know. When I told my wife about you, she was very happy that at last I’ve gotten someone who have my interest at heart. No matter how great I become in this industry, I will never forget you. This just the starting point. Thank you very much Lorraine!!!


Dear Lorraine Grula, Thank you for everything. You changed my vision about video & photography shooting. I collect lot of tips ebooks from the net, and yours are the best. In my town I am doing some photographic & visual works because of your help. Very use full for me. Thank you very much heartly thanks. Justin Mathew


Here at Video Production Tips, we really enjoy helping people learn the art and science of video production. The blog is filled with reader-friendly articles on all aspects of how to make video for beginners. You can access all of these without having to sign up for the free course.  There are links to all of our categories and recent posts in the right side bar as well as links in the content of this page.

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